About us

Paxer is a company that offers one of the most powerful and flexible platforms that allows independent hotels to receive online bookings in their websites, connect and synchronize with Online Travel Agencies and managing all reservations in a single place. Our goal is to offer a state of the art platform with the highest standards of quality with an excellent price perfomance.

Paxer was created by the most important and most visited tourism portal of Venezuela: VenezuelaTuya.com. After offering reservations on line during several years to Inns (lodges) and hotels, we realized that many Inns and lodges wanted, besides receiving reservations from the travel portals, the option of reserving through their own websites without intermediation.

That is why we took on the challenge to re-program the reservation platform, with the latest technology, so it would be directly managed by the lodgings.

We inscribed the project in Startup Chile and were one of the winning projects in August 2012, which gave us the possibility to finish the development of one of the most powerful and flexible platforms available to receive reservations online and it also allowed us to set up a business in Chile.

With our technology, everyday there are more clients that trust us and that are increasing their sales and that are achieving a more modern and efficient management.

In the US, we are represented by Paxer USA LLC, an affiliate company.

Startup Chile

Our partners

Through our various partnerships and connections we can offer more and better services to our customers. Here are some of them.

Mapping Master

Mapping Master

German company that provides the Channel Manager that connects us with more than 60 OTAs in fully integrated form.


As a Premium Partner, we can provide several services, such as "Instant Booking" (allows guests to book your hotel directly in TripAdvisor), "TripConnect" (A CPC - Cost per Click - service to receive traffic to your website from TripAdvisor, and "Review Express" to receive more reviews from visitors.

Booking Suite (Under developtment)

Booking Suite

Our link with this subsidiary of Booking.com, allows the hotel to receive price recommendations that can increase revenue (Revenue Management).



Our platform connects with Paypal so that hotels can get paid for this service from Paypal account or any credit card